Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Commander Cody - Roll Yer Own

An old friend rolls into town just in time for hump day, perfect excuse for a party! Not that an excuse is necessary. Lots here to recommend – but I’ll shout out the slide guitarist as an artiste supreme. Rock and roll hoochie koo! Commander Cody has never stuck to one flavor of tune, so why start now? He serves up country with Wine, Wine, Wine, Do Your Stuff & Semi-Truck, and returns to rock with a Texas-swing flavor Stealin’ At The Seven Eleven. Then the band cooks up a sweet, slow version of the Seeds And Stems Blues, sung with much more passion on the CD than on the video. The video below is simply an appetizer.

Back to the party, we have a narrator that has had one too many parties, and really doesn’t care in his story It's Gonna Be One Of Those Nights. “My kid is in detention, and she’ll never get out. Well, my dog still loves me, but even he has his doubts.” He’s not complaining, simply admitting his shortcomings as a renter, husband, parent, and pet owner & loving life anyway. No one’s perfect, so why even try? Party on, because the rock and roll continues with They Kicked Me Out Of The Band! Life can’t get any worse, and is seldom as much fun.

Commander Cody