Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yellow Dog Records - It's All Connected Sampler, Vol. 3

Samplers are always fun, small tastes of different artists – appetizers to prepare for a full meal. This particular sampler is a meal in itself. It begins with a tasty treat by the Asylum Street Spankers called Breathin'. A finger-snapping tune begins with a walking bass, then a voice that welcomes all listeners which, in turn, introduces a fiddle. 2nd verse introduces a tasty guitar and sets the tone for the hump-day party of fun – “loving you is just like breathin’ in and breathin’ out.” The next solo is a visit from a clarinet. A few cuts later Mark Lemhouse has a track that brings in some blues banjo and other tasty Americana-type instruments rooted in a blues mode. He supplies the potatoes on the plate with Paper Sack, while Mary Flower supplies the meat with Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me. This one is lightly grilled with humor and an acoustic-filled night of joyful sorrow. Some fine picking. The pecan pie is supplied by Calvin Newborn with a soulful instrumental he calls Newborn Blues. A guitar-based joy, the back-up band here provides the delicious crust that enhances the subtleties of the sweetened bitter pecans. Fine to dance with also.

I think this sampler arrived simply because I became a follower on twitter; but there are other ways to get it: Yellow Dog Records