Friday, April 10, 2009

Mojo Morgan - Tonight

”Don’t look at my fancy clothes or shoes. Just lok at my shades ‘cause I’m in the groove.” Humorous beats for a perfect send-off for a Friday night dance party. “It’s enough. It’s time to shine tonight!” This record does just that! Keeps the grove steady & the word rhythms rockin’. “Get your swerve on and put on your dancing shoes!” I enjoy the way Mojo encourages having fun, dreaming, and building up your self esteem, without discussing losing your moral ground. In fact, he seems to suggest you can have great fun while maintaining a higher ground, and I think he’s right. “Don’t think, just live your life for the light!” There’s nothing wrong with this track, but I did wish it had gone on a few more minutes. Guess I’ll have to wait for the dance-floor re-mix. Shoutouts for the rocking Reggae Avenue (“there’s no hope if you never dream”), soulful Childhood (“all my days full of dreams”) & the pop flavors of Petrified (“can’t even tell your friends you’re all alone”). Watch the myspace page for the release date:Mojo Morgan

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