Thursday, April 16, 2009

Karli Fairbanks - Some Other Plan

I love when an artist sneaks up on me. I put this CD in and a folk singer with her guitar is talking about wearing her heart on her sleeve, “when the leaves fall I'm just playing like a fool.” Then a corner is turned lyrically and musically. “It all seems so good at the time until we make our plans and then change our minds.” First, back-up singers start the call and response, then out of the blue, instruments start dancing around the lyrics that dig deeper and deeper into a soul seeking peace from self-judgment as well as the judgment of those around her. “I do alright on my own in the end.” The flavors of the percussionist and the solo guitar turn this folk song into a full-out psychedelic joy. A beautifully thought-out composition.

Shoutouts for Needle And Thread (“the love you found, you were worried it would make a sound”), and Last Night's Songs (“I could tell you were alone drowning in the sounds of your dreaming”). I believe you’ll smile with me as the final verse leading to the chorus says “sing with me tonight” because Karli’s melodies make it easy to want to do just that. Karli Fairbanks