Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lucy Langlas - Your Campaign

”Who will finance your campaign? Who will give and give while you take? Who will pour the water down the drain? And you still have it all.” A very interesting presentation – finger-style guitar, harmonica, standard chords – makes me think folk? Lucy obviously has no wish to be lumped easily into a category. The melody and vocal attack are pure pop, which gives this three minutes of entertainment a value worth investing time in. I’ve listened in many time over the past several weeks, and cannot tell myself exactly what the story is about. Sometimes it feels like an intensely personal story, other times it feels like a political statement of some sort. But never, in all the times I was contemplating the meaning did I tire of the musical arrangement and voice that exudes a deeper meaning than I’ve been able to grasp. I’ll keep listening, tho. Lucy Langlas