Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Andrea Corr - I Do

I just love these little surprises tucked into an album, where the artist just lets go and doesn’t care about the critics or the people who turn up their noses at fun. This sounds like a child’s xylophone going up and down the scale with a metronome as percussion. “I want an open chariot, black horses and shiny shoes. An off-white vintage lacy gown (like Juliet’s hand-me-downs). But Romeo ain’t my lover, and all that really matters is – Hey! I love you!” Go ahead, laugh – I love it! And I think it’s a summer tune that anyone with sense would love to hear on their radio a few times a day. Shoutout for Ideal World, which is a totally different flavor with acoustic guitar, violins, and a great story. Andrea Corr