Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Nightwatchman - California's Dark

Mostly guitar and voice, with eerie sounds wandering in from time to time. “I turned on the TV, don't believe a word they say.” Well, that’s nothing new, I’ve heard that since I was a kid – no one trusts the television. But, the lack of trust is not the basis of the story. Apparently there’s a riot going on, and the narrator feels the need to leave town for awhile. Sounds like he takes off along highway 10 toward Joshua Tree based on his imagery here.

“Come stand among the rattlesnakes
At the side of the desert road
And close your eyes and listen
To the music hard and cold

Tonight the moon is blackened
Tonight the doors are shut
Behind the shuttered windows
We pray the sun will come up

For something walks across these fields
For which there is no name
You might have heard different
But I was there when it came.”

Beautiful verses for a beautiful song. Shoutouts for One Man Revolution and The Road I Must Travel. The Nightwatchman