Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Michael Buble & Ivan Lins - Wonderful Tonight

Pop music used to be full of covers, an artist taking a great song and making it their own. Well, that seldom happens anymore. Is it that there are no great songs, or simply no artists capable of making songs their own? I don’t know the correct answer to the question, and perhaps there is no correct answer. Maybe it has to do with profits. If a singer sings their own songs, they make more money? Well, talking about things that can’t be answered only makes this song so much more interesting to me. I always thought it a great song, and I love the original. So, can someone convince me, a skeptic, of their interpretation? Well, these two guys working together have convinced me the song is theirs. Putting a sweet little Brazilian samba setting to this song is genius, and yes, I love this as much as the original. And the guitar work is simply delicious. Michael Buble