Sunday, July 22, 2007

Seth Swirsky - Ordinary Man

“Now I’m standing in my garden, with my blue watering can. And I’m feeling undistracted, just an ordinary man.” Perfect song for me today. Helps me to remember that despite all the grandiose ideas I have of how to fix this mean old world, I am, in the end, just a regular guy with no access to the movers and shakers. Heck, last time I write an e-mail to my senator, he answered 4 weeks later. And, the e-mail was a form letter on another subject altogether. Course, I didn’t give him a $500,000 get re-elected campaign donation, so I really don’t count. So, yes, I need songs like this. “I’ve trade in my cell phone for a book of poetry, and I read it to my lover as she’s lying next to me.” The music is beautiful. Shoutout for Butterfly on Jupiter. Seth Swirsky