Thursday, July 19, 2007

Carla Bruni - If You Were Coming In The Fall

“If you were coming in the fall, I'd brush the summer by with half a smile and half a spurn, as housewives do a fly.” Sounds like the narrator does not believe the person is truly coming. Also sounds as if this narrator is a fine poet. “If I could see you in a year, I'd wind the months in balls, and put them each in separate drawers until their time befalls.” Turns out the narrator is none other than Emily Dickinson, with her fine-tuned irony. Some of you thought Bukowski was the ironic one. Well, if he’s the King of Irony, then Emily is the Queen. The music fits the lyrics perfect, and brings the words up to the 21st century, where they probably always belonged anyway. “But now, all ignorant of the length of time's uncertain wing, it goads me like the goblin bee that will not state its sting.” Nice work, Carla – the entire album is a pleasure. Shoutouts for Promises Like Pie Crust and Ballade At Thirty Five. Carla Bruni