Friday, July 27, 2007

Ijamr Magazine - Issue 4

Ijamr Magazine issue 4 is up and ready for your perusal. An on-line magazine that deals with new artists and topics on the music industry. I read with interest the ideas that one of the writers had on why music is not selling as much these days. Everyone's got their own theories, but mine is very simple. Check out the Billboard to 100. You know there used to be 700-800 songs per year that radio stations played? With lots of variety. Now it's down to 170 per year and they fall into very distinct categories, there is no longer a "top-40" radio for mainstream listeners. On last years top 100 Billboard charts there was 3 rock songs, 5 ballads, 4 country songs, and the rest were hip-hop. Gone are the days when you could hear Little Green Apples one minute and Purple Haze the next, on the same radio station - unless you happen to listen to an oldies station. Even then, they tend not to play Purple Haze because that's been relegated to another genre known as Classic rock. What's really really sad is most of those "classic rock" fellows are still alive, and when they release a new album they are ignored by the media because they are "classic", not hep.

Nuff rambling. Would like to know if there is any mixed-music radio stations anywhere in the world today. Feel free to add comments below. Also, if you used to buy albums, but no longer do, would be curious as to why. My theory, more simply stated, is that people are not fully aware of the sheer variety of music available for purchase. Of course, if you've found eartatse, you are already keen to variety, so I'm asking the wrong crowd =:-)