Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ben's Brother – Live

“I used to be a dreamer, couldn’t fall asleep. Trying to find an answer, a reason to believe.” With some guitar strumming, this heart on the sleeve song is very easy on the ears, and gives me pause to think about my place in this world. “Living in between worlds, this one and the next. Trying to make my mind up which one of them is best.” Well, I’ll tell you, while I’m looking forward to the next, for me right now at this moment, this one is definitely the best. Add a glass of chianti to this song and I am very glad to be here with my very happy ears. “Everytime I thing I got it right, it just slips away from me.” I really love where he takes the lyric. “I’ve crossed seven different oceans cause I’m looking for escape, tired of emotions getting in the way.” Ben's Brother