Monday, July 23, 2007

Mooney Suzuki - This Broke Heart Of Mine

The bass drum introduces this great Monday wake up song for me very satisfactorily. The strumming guitar rouses me outta the bed to start hollering and bouncing to a good old fashioned mungo gerrymanderish summertime reaching right up to touch the sky. Wonderful beat for a sunny day! “When it’s gone, then it’s gone, your lovin’ is gone!” Okay, so the words aren’t exactly as happy as the way I feel, but as some bunny said wonsuponatime, it’s better to have love and lost, blah, bleh, blug. In other words, it’s okay, we’re feeling great. “I re-read your old love letters, the kind lines sincere and sweet. But your heart must of tired of what those words had inspired, for I’m back here on the street.” Singing proudly, and making me feel inspired. Thanks for the great wake-up, and shoutouts to 99% and Good Ol’ Alcohol (this one’s six minutes of hilarity inspired rotfl). Mooney Suzuki