Monday, July 16, 2007

Shark Island - Blue Skies

“You were the one who always used to tell me ‘live for the moment, take it day by day’. Always believed that your time would come. Now your time is here and you’re standing out there in the sun.” Good rocking radio going on here. I’m loving the beat – making me feel great about Monday! The song sounds pretty optimistic, up to this point. Then the drama starts. “You’re forgetting where you come from. Now that all of your skies are turning blue, can you face the illusion? Now that all your dreams are coming true, can you beat the confusion?” I like the think the writer is thinking about himself and the fame this record will give him. Dunno for sure, but it’s a exciting song and the message is one worth thinking about it. “Lady Luck has come your way, will you still get down on your knees and pray?” Shark Island