Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jamie T - If You Got The Money

“All the boys they go da-dit-da-do-da, dit-da-do-da, dun-dun-day-do-dun-dun, dun, da-di-do-dun-da-do-dun.” Am I loving this? You bet! It takes a lotta fun to make happy music, and this one is a full powered popcorn with cheese snack to the max. “We’ll be near heaven by a quarter to eleven. By three we are thinking of the love we lost. By four we’ll be high of the girl we lost.” There’s many little side-remarks by the boys in the band that I’m not going to spoil by writing them out. Just think summer power in the sun, and you know this song will take you there any time of the year. Picture me bouncing around with a smile bigger than my face. This is great fun! Shoutout for the different flavors of So Lonely Was The Ballad. Jamie T