Saturday, July 14, 2007

Future Rapper - Silk Siren Sports Bar & Grill

The hip-hop beat is clear, but the added instrumentation is non-standard hip-hop faire. Experimental hip-hop? Why not? “Music is patriotism. . .music makes you sweat.” So far so good, but the ending is what made me stop and go back to this song several times. “Music makes you think, let's turn it off.” We’ve had to deal with that sort of discussion before. As long as you’re dancing and enjoying your life and your country, then music is okay. But once it makes you start thinking, no more. Music used to be an important curriculum in the schools. Look back to when they started weeding it out of schools – right about the time musicians and songwriters became politically active in the late 60’s & early 70’s. Shoutout for Factor IX For The Headwound, “hide you dead, your sick and your poor. watch your tv dinners while you eat your wars.” Future Rapper