Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blues Before Sunrise

I have to share this right away. I may wake up tomorrow (later today?) and forget this experience. I'm experiencing a bout of insomnia and decided to turn on the radio. Usually radio puts me to sleep. But not tonight! I've discovered Blues Before Sunrise, which has me up and dancing instead of falling asleep. Lots of classic music (this particular show is the eartastes of 1955), as well as some extremely fanstastic 'obscurities' (translate that to mean I've never heard them before).

Just finished ROTFL at two hilarious songs in a row - The Gambler's Prayer by Tommy Brown, and Radar by Mr. Bear. Lots of great R&B - I'm excited because this is apparently a regular show that's been going on many years and has completely escaped my radar. The mere fact that I can listen to this in the hills here has got me excited about Saturday nights from here on in.

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