Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shapes and Sizes - The Long Indifference/Can't Stop That (Sinking) Feeling

Shapes and Sizes is an assembly of musicians who truly believe in group interaction. As I say when a visitor comes into my classroom, “This only looks like chaos. There is methodology here, it’s organized chaos.” Both songs I chose have similarities. They both start like normal songs, but quickly start exploring the depths of the lyrics with sound. So much sound, in fact, that it makes it very difficult to decipher the lyrics. In the end the lyrics do not matter, the voice is the main melody instrument. And the stereo mix is exciting.

‘The Long Indifference’ actually begins with a strong free-jazz flavor with percussion and saxophone, but quickly melds into a rock beat. “They’re filling my head with nothing but stuffing.” The main vocalist on this composition is female, but the equal stars are the percussion and the guitar. “Here I am, once again.” The power build of this song is amazing – this is the actual wall of sound that folks were pretending to attempt in the 60’s and 70’s. It seems anything you can find nearby that will make a sound is relevant to describing the feeling the singer is expressing with “Here I am”. For me she’s saying ‘here I am, watch out – you’d better be ready for a confrontation.’

‘Can't Stop That (Sinking) Feeling’ starts of sneakily as a good old fashioned guitar ditty. “Can’t stop yourself from sinking”. The drums blast everywhere keithmoon-like, but then suddenly the rock beat stops. “You don’t go out much anymore” the male vocalist explains as he realizes that he in a life process. “I grow old” he repeats with a co-singer. Then the rock feeling returns. And the narrator considers his teenage sister for a second then digs into air guitar for the finale.

So, while the story is important for creating the picture, the story becomes irrelevant as the painting gets started. Shapes and Sizes have full command of their musical palette. Shout-outs for Highlife (I Had Been Duped), Teller/Seller and Grassy Corner, A Sunset. Shapes and Sizes