Monday, July 09, 2007

Sinead O'Connor – Theology

This double album set is, like the previous set I listened to today, impossible to pick a favorite from. This is priced as a 2-fer. The two sets are almost identical song-wise, with set one (Dublin - my personal favorite) being intimate, and set 2 (London) featuring a band setting. My guess is that Sinead is doing her best to reach fans of all her complexities. I know if I heard only the London set I’d probably never listen more than once; and I’d guess there are fans who feel the exact opposite. It works well for me as a reviewer, because since the consumer cost is exactly the same as a single album, I can highly recommend this album. I really love the first cut – “I want to make something beautiful for you.” I feel Sinead has indeed, accomplished this goal. But that leads directly into another cut I love – “We people who are darker than blue. . .” – biting, bitter, true, and passion filled. “Out of the depth I pray to thee, oh Lord – don’t let my cries of mercy be ignored” – powerful song – “I’ve heard religion say that you’re to be feared, but I don’t buy into everything I hear.” “Dark I am yet lovely” is played with a harp-like guitar background. Maybe it is a harp, it’s certainly entrancing and a wonderful prayer. The intensity I feel listening to this album cannot be overstated, but I don’t want to overwhelm readers, so I’ll shoutout all the rest of the songs. Ranks right alongside the latest Rickie Lee Jones album as one that keeps me rooted in keeping my thoughts beyond my self.
Sinead O'Connor