Monday, July 16, 2007

Brothers Dimm - Princess Whenever

A gong opens this song. That’s right, a gong, with some excellent percussion to give lots of exotic flavors to this fascinating pop song. “You could meet somewhere outside of that coma she’s in after she’s through that river of glue she’s trying to swim. She’ll, of course, be running late, but don’t say you can wait or you’ll be there right through the next ice age.” A fun, poetic, portrait of a person who is has that ‘princess’ personality. “She thought you got that telepathic message she sent.” LOL!!! I know people like this. “On the other hand, she’s pathologically sincere.” Never short on irony, these guys.

The shoutout is for Uncertainty. “I haven’t lost my way although this road has been uneven. I haven’t turned the page on everything I believe in for there is hope, still in my heart.” The song develops depth, and I really love this line because it speaks words for me I’ve always tried to say but never got it out as clear: “Is there another God besides the one that those who hate pray to?” Brothers Dimm