Saturday, July 14, 2007

Siobhan Donaghy – Sometimes

The party slows down, but only a little. The dance beat continues with a steady drum, and some outta space synthesizers. “You tell me you love me then you tell me you don't. You tell me little lies and I wish that you won't .” Fair enough request. What’s wrong with the joker she’s hanging out with? Make up your mind, dude. Or don’t. At least we’re getting a party out of the narrator’s anguish . “Your friends all adore you, say I’m losing the plot. How can I grumble when I've got what I've got?” Well, as your friend I say, you have every right to grumble, and you have every right to get out of a relationship like this and move on – don’t listen to the adoring friends. Well, no one listens to me anyway, and if they did they wouldn’t come up with these cool party songs that get us to thinking about our own relationships. Dance on! Shoutout for 12 Bar Acid Blues – a really funny travel song (“I went online and booked a trip”). Well, I should say it’s funny for the audience. The narrator, well that’s another story (“I've eaten fish and I'm feeling sick”). Siobhan Donaghy