Monday, July 09, 2007

Pearl Jam - Live At The Gorge

What do you do when you open up a 7 disk set and try to find the “best song” in 100? Well, you can do exactly what I’m doing after listening for 8 hours – give up. This is a live album, recorded on 3 different days – one set in 2005, and 2 days last summer, July 22 & 23. Once upon a forever Pearl Jam let folks download for free all their live shows. That was cool, but also overwhelming. I like this approach – let folks purchase 7 CDs for $40. Not a bad cost, and anything I say about the shows will sound like worship, so I won’t go there. Just let you know this is a set worth spending 8 hours on, and a great investment for your ears to taste. For anyone who’s wondering, they did not repeat very many songs – and given the rock background of these guys you’ll know the very few that are repeated have different eartastes each time you hear them. This is beyond one meal, and perhaps those saner than I will taste these 7 CDs over a 3 night period. I was fascinated and couldn’t stop. I think I lost 7 pounds dancing. Pearl Jam