Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tom McRae - Keep Your Picture Clear

Tom McRae - Keep Your Picture Clear Bringing the sound level temporarily back down to earth, we leave the earth with some excellent musicianship backing up a poet singing his thoughts out. “Here I go, back again, sliding off the ceiling. Was I gone for long? Did I just flick the switch? Across the street away from me a man is singing ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, and he's getting all the words wrong. His newspaper flies desperately but words aren't wings like gravity. They'll keep you here. It's a theory to subscribe to, but you know you're being lied to.” The music slowly builds from an acapella opening to a full out drum tour-de-force, with emphasis on force. “The leaders need a bloody war. Congratulations, this is yours. Looking through the history books of liars, cheats, and petty crooks; they'll print your picture clear.” Excellent composition, worthy of many tastings. Shoutout for One Mississippi. Tom McRae