Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

Soft strum guitar. Reminds me of the small town I live in, but I suppose the scenes could just as well take place in a city. “The drunks were ricocheting/The old buildings downtown/Empty so long ago/Windows broken and dreaming/So happy to leave what was my home.” The narrator is thinking back and seeing reasons why he was happy to leave home. But, after some years of life experience he realizes some truths. “With a sky blue sky/This rotten time/Wouldn't seem so bad to me now/Oh, if I didn't die/I should be satisfied/I survived/That's good enough for now”. The music is properly as melancholy as the lyric – pleasant composition. Shoutout for the completely different flavors of Hate It Here When You’re Gone. Wilco