Friday, July 13, 2007

Catherine Feeney - Always Tonight

Well, what a break. The sun has slipped below the horizon and we’ve developed a slight breeze enough o get up and dance to this slice of strawberry cheesecake dessert. “I’m driving home, good thing that it’s Friday. Another week is gone, half the days slipped by me.” True for almost all of us, I suppose. True for me, at least. Can’t believe how fast this funny phenomena called time slips away. Think Willie said that 50 years ago. Anyway, the song is slipping by as I think this and dance and smile and feel great to be moving with the tasty flute singing along with Catherine. “I remember when I was a child and my parents told me how time flies. I thought it was a lie.” Of course, at a certain age everything our parents tell us is a lie. Until we reach 35 or so. Normal. What isn’t normal is putting these everyday discussions into fantastic musical form that gives us pleasure to listen to. “Sitting on top of my hands watching the world go by, tapping my feet on the floor.” Thanks, Catherine. Shoutouts for Hurricane Glass and Mr Blue. Catherine Feeney