Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Arms Of Kismet - Outbound Train

“All Aboard!” Yep, I’m ready to ride this choo choo as I move around the room for the next four minutes. With just a taste, however slight, of Johnny Cash, it is definitely 21st century chick-a-boom, “Show me to your sweet soul garden so my heart won’t harden.” And where is he train heading? Well, let’s see. “What’s your name, brightly painted ingénue. Outbound train, take me out to Timbuktu.” Is this the real destination? I’ll let you find out. This dessert will help me lose some of the calories from my hamburger, with a side of asparagus and corn. An exhilatating ride around and around the room. “All Aboard!” Shoutouts for Auriculara (Listen To Me) and Pinnacle Of Same (“Who’s the optimist who said you can’t help living until you’re dead”). The Arms Of Kismet