Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ne-Yo - Go On Girl

We can’t end this first set of our Friday night dance without at least one true dance tune, and Ne-Yo is a dance artist. The song starts of sweet and prepares us for a slow dance. “I was inviting her into my heart.” Well, the song is really a story that bears some listening as we dance. Hopefully we’re luckier with our dance partner tonight. He narrator’s song took off with another guy. “She was my night time, thought I was her star. Guess I was wrong, but see I'm strong. Won't take me long for me to move on.” Narrator takes it okay. “Not a single salty tear. Not a feeling in my chest.” I trust him when he says he’ll be okay, but I think he’s naïve when he thinks he’s “only going to play the fool one time.” Most of us spend our whole life in that condition. Nice song, and wonderful dance to end a set. Ne-Yo