Monday, July 02, 2007

Seth Swirsky – It’s Still Love

“You don’t need an invitation to go and plant one seed.” With that permission I shall plant the seed of advice to eartaste readers – this is a fun album. You’ve heard me rant on and on about The Red Button. Well, as I begin this rant about Seth you’ll understand why – he’s one of the creative voices in The Red Button. Does this reach the self-established standards Red Button has set? Yes. And, in truth it is an earlier album, but I was curious as to the roots of these guys. “It’s still love, I believe, that the world’s aching for.” I’m old enough to remember how we believed that was going to happen. So, I was naïve about the imperialism that is the United States. No matter, I still believe it’s possible with good leadership, and I’m agreeing with Seth – “It’s still love that we need.” The shoutout tune is a totally different type of song – a poetic meditation on a friend – Roger. Outstanding production. Seth Swirsky